Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Auto Insurance Online Shopping For First Timers

By Anthony S.

A mere thought of a safely net to count on each time you get involved in a car accident would give you peace of mind. Surely, you don't want to think of any emergency expenses all the time. But if that safety net costs you so much, then you may be getting a good protection yet certainly hurting your pockets. The essence of a safety net is spoiled and the idea of a good protection is wasted. That is why as a first time car insurance buyer, you have to realize that is it not enough to buy any car insurance policy that is suggested by a friend or similar to your parents.

Assuming that you are at the right age, already have obtained a driver's license, have purchased a vehicle, have learned the terms and the different car insurance policies, then you are ready to buy your car insurance; the best place to do it is online.

However, shopping for car insurance online can still be very confusing if you are just armed with the above assumptions. Here are the step by step procedures which will help you in your pursuit for car insurance online:

1. Shop around

Search for different car insurance companies. Also look for sites that offer free quotes. This will enable you to know the exact amount you will have to pay for your car insurance policy. Search for car insurance company websites that offer online support. Read financial strength ratings of different car insurance company. You may want to visit Standard & Poor's ratings and the A.M. Best regarding this information.

2. Be ready with the information you need when you ask for quote

These are: home address, previous car insurance details, driver's license number, details about your car to be insured (model, year, and VIN), driving history, car's use (business, leisure, etc), mileage per year, and so on. Have them with you once you begin researching.

3. Learn the tricks on savings

There are several factors that influence the amount of your car insurance policy; factors like your location, age, gender, status, credit rating, car's security (anti-theft) system, number of years as a driver, driving history, etc. Some of them you cannot change while some can. Learn to lower down your premium using these things.

For example, a person with a clean driving record can get a cheaper premium compared to those who have received few tickets purchasing for the same coverage. Another example would be: purchasing a policy with the highest deductible you can afford can lower your premium. Also, a car with security and anti-theft devices such as airbags, car alarms, automatic seat belts, and tracking systems has a lower premium than cars without. There are several of these, know them all and you will surely get the most out of your coverage.

4. Get car insurance quotes from at least 3 sites

Different car insurance companies offer different prices for the same coverage. Make sure you get at least 3 car insurance quotes to know which company offers the best price for the same protection.

5. Weigh and select which one offers the best

Now that you have the quotes from different car insurance online, you have the final say on which one will serve you best.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Voters weigh in on insurance woes

Florida voters aren't convinced the state should solve its insurance woes by wading further into subsidizing the hurricane-battered industry, a new poll shows.

But they also say Citizens Property Insurance, the state-run pool for high-risk homes, should try to offer more profitable lines of insurance coverage that could reduce the state's consumers financial risk in future storms.

The Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday indicates Floridians don't favor one solution posed by lawmakers: sinking the state further into the insurance business by beefing up its role in offering reinsurance, the backup coverage that protects insurers from catastrophic losses.

The Connecticut school surveyed 1,066 registered voters last week and found that 49 percent opposed an idea to sell private insurers more low-cost reinsurance to cover their future hurricane losses, while 36 percent supported it. The poll has a 3 percent margin for error.

The Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund sells low-cost catastrophic coverage to insurance companies. The premiums are passed on to policyholders. The special session of the Legislature set to meet in January could consider proposals to expand the state-run program.

''It's clear there isn't this groundswell for having government get really strongly into the reinsurance business,'' said Peter Brown, assistant director of the school's Polling Institute.

The poll also found 63 percent of voters think state-run Citizens should be allowed to compete more with the private market for more-profitable, less-risky policies. Only 28 percent said it shouldn't do so.

''I think it reflects a general skepticism about government getting too much into the reinsurance business and too much putting itself at risk - i.e. tax dollars at risk in case of another catastrophic storm,'' Brown said.

A majority of voters surveyed also are unhappy with the state's Save Our Homes property tax structure, which sets a 3 percent cap on the taxable value of homesteads and thereby gives an advantage to longtime homeowners over newer ones.

The poll found that 53 percent think property tax rates should be based on property values, and 39 percent said it should be based on how long they've owned the property.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Home, Farm and Business Insurance

By Elizabeth Newberry

The business of farming is an important one. Not only do we get our plant products such as vegetables and fruits from farms, but we also get our meat products such as pork, poultry, and beef from farms. Without farms, America’s main source of food, you wouldn’t be able to make that last minute trip to the grocery store to pick up the tomatoes you forgot for the salad for dinner. Those big fat pumpkins we carve for Halloween and turn into pies for Thanksgiving wouldn’t be in the stores, either. And the turkey? Forget about it. Farming is definitely a business American’s can’t do without.

Since farms are a business, they must be managed as businesses are managed. This means farmers need to be educated in business management, and one of the most important tools for business management is purchasing insurance for the business. One of the key insurance policies to practice good business management for a farm is to purchase an insurance policy that provides income protection.

There are many unpredictable factors when it comes to the farming business, and many of those factors can cause an increase or decrease in the amount of profit your farm brings in. For example, even various weather conditions can impact your gross income.

If you own a farm and are looking to protect your farm with smart business management, consider purchasing an insurance policy that provides income protection. An income protection insurance policy will protect your farming business and its gross income in the event that prices or yields fall.

Look for insurance companies that specialize in income protection insurance policies for farmers and their farms. You may even want to consider purchasing an income protection insurance policy from an insurance company that only sells income protection insurance policies. By purchasing from a company that focuses solely on income protection insurance policies, you can be sure you’re purchasing from the experts.

To get free quotes and learn more about insurance please visit the following recommended sites.

Home, Farm and Business Insurance

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Auto Insurance Online - Buying and Benefits

By Michael Benifez

As any driver knows, the costs of maintaining a car in America keep rising with each passing year, with no end in sight. Not only are you paying more to purchase a car in the first place and the gasoline that goes in it, but you are also paying more now than ever before to insure that vehicle. The old incentives for lowering insurance premiums, such as meeting industry "safe driver" criteria and having a spotlessly clean driving record, do little to help lower premium payments these days. If you are fed up with paying the outrageous insurance premiums that the traditional auto insurance agencies are charging, you are certainly not alone. Fortunately, you can now join thousands of other drivers and do something about it.

In your search for cheaper car insurance, all you have to do is get online. There are many websites offering helpful tools and resources that make the process of online shopping for auto insurance that is rock-solid and reliable, both simple and convenient. In fact, they virtually walk you through the process. The first thing they will do for you is narrow down your search by telling you which providers are available in your state. Your next step would be to visit those websites to compare rates and get quotes from the various insurers. Most of the online auto insurance companies have quote calculators that automatically bring up your quote in minutes, once you have entered some information about your car and your driving history.

Since auto insurance is a major purchase, you should thoroughly read and understand the details of any policy that you are considering buying. Pay special attention to the terms of service of the specific provider to reduce your chances of being surprised by unusually high deductibles or extra charges after the policy takes affect. The process of purchasing auto insurance online may be quick, but take the time to read between the lines to make sure you get what you want, just as you would read signs along the road to be sure you do not take a wrong turn.

Once you find the coverage quote that is right for you, you can go one of two ways to apply for your auto policy. The quickest is to apply online, especially since you are already there. All you have to do is fill out some forms and enter your credit card information to make a first payment. As soon as that initial payment clears, you will be on your way! You can even print out cards as temporary proof that you are covered until your package comes in the mail. Your other choice is to finalize the transaction by phone with an agent. You give them your information and they send you your policy. Whichever method you choose, you will see that getting auto insurance online, just like finding a shortcut to a destination on a toll-free road, is a quick, efficient and money-saving route to take!

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Friday, December 01, 2006

State Farm lowers car insurance rates in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK - The state's largest car insurance provider lowered its Arkansas rates by an average of 4.4 percent this week in a move meant to reflect falling claims.

The latest rate reduction by State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. is expected to save customers $13.4 million annually.

Including the rate change Monday, State Farm rates have decreased 13.4 percent on average over the past three years in Arkansas, the company reported.

"Rates are made with regard to future expectations and so we felt it was appropriate to reduce our rates at this time," company spokesman Gary Stephenson said.

Fewer claims have been reported relative to the number of policies the company issues in Arkansas, Stephenson said. The same trend has been seen in a number of other states in which the company does business, he said.

Instead of pocketing the higher yield, State Farm is passing its savings along customers.

"We're essentially owned by our policyholders, so when we are able to satisfy our operational requirements, we don't need as much premium income as we anticipate to cover operations and other expenses," Stephenson said.

On average, premiums for the collision coverage decreased the most, according to the company. Liability and medical payment coverage costs also are declining.

Meanwhile, the cost of comprehensive coverage - which covers theft, storm damage, fire, vandalism and glass breakage - will rise for most customers, the company reported.

The variables that rates depend on, including the driver's age, the car and coverage, make it impossible to compare insurance providers' rates in general, industry officials said.

Progressive Direct Auto Insurance, Arkansas' seventh largest auto insurance provider by premiums collected, increased rates in June by 1.8 percent, said spokeswoman Cristy Cote, noting that did not necessarily mean Progressive's rates are higher than State Farm's.

Officials for Allstate and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Arkansas' fourth and sixth largest auto insurance providers in terms of premiums collected, respectively, did not immediately return calls seeking comment Thursday.

Cote encouraged consumers to shop around.

"When there's rate changes it signals that there's movement and it's a good time to go see what's out there," she said.

By Jason Wiest
Arkansas News Bureau