Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Grandsun SG2000 Ultrasonic Home Spa - The Negatives

The Grandsun SG2000 ultrasonic home spa is basically an ozone generator. Ozone is a highly toxic gas that is classified as an environmental pollutant. It is highly reactive and can degrade even the rubber it comes into contact with. Long term exposure to this gas can lead to irreversible lung damage, while short term effects include headaches and breathing difficulties. For this reason, ozone generators are no longer approved for sale in the whole of Canada and many parts of the USA (i.e. California). This is not to say that ozone is completely useless since we rely on ozone up in the atmosphere to protect us from the harmful UV (ultraviolet) radiation from the sun; however, it is toxic to humans below the upper atmosphere.

Although legislature does not approve for the sale of such devices, this product comes with a "CSA" approved mark on the box of the device. Critically examining this "mark", one can come to a conclusion that the mark is lacking an LR or reference number. The same "CSA" mark is also not found on the device itself, thereby implying that the CSA mark may be a counterfeit. The CSA Audits and Investigations department were unable to verify the authenticity of their proclaimed safety certificate because neither the manufacturer or the model came up in their database! Health Canada has also verified that I should not be able to find such a device on the shelves.
Since ozone generators and hence the Grandsun SG2000 ultrasonic home spa is not approved for sale in Canada, private individual representatives are privately importing these devices into Canada and the USA. They are a multi-level-marketting based business which implies that they will charge an unreasonable price for the product, since MLM distributors can make over 50% profit alone! After the distributor's supervisor and/or headoffice gets a share of the profits, the $2000 CAD home spa is worth no more than a couple hundred dollars!

If the consumer researches this device by viewing the company website, they may find that this device can emit infrared radiation which can benefit their health. For those who does not have a strong background in the physical and chemical sciences, infrared radiation can be beneficial and is basically the heat we feel from the sun, except the sun offers an extra hint of UV ultraviolet radiation. In a physics or chemistry laboratory, I would say the only method to generate infrared radiation is to heat a solid (rare oxides) object up to 2000 degrees celcius. It is NOT POSSIBLE for the Grandsun SG2000 home spa to heat up to 2000 degrees celcius and therefore DOES NOT emit infrared radiation. The only source of infrared radiation comes from the HOT WATER you initially fill into the bathtub even before you turn on the spa unit. That is to say, we all get the benefits of infrared radiation (heat waves) from a regular bath, without a $2000 device.

This article offers only a very small alternative aspect of the Grandsun SG2000 home spa and it is up to the consumers to further research and decide if they would want to purchase such a unit for their homes.


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