Friday, April 06, 2007

Garlic - Nature's Natural Anti-Biotic And Wonderful Food

A couple of years ago, I had attended a health/nutrition and business training meeting. I was a newbie at the business and was learning as I went. It was around the month of January and during one of these in-home meetings, I started to feel as if i were passing out. I was sniffling, and getting dizzy. Pretty much, I was coming down with the flu. One of my associates asked me if i was sick and I told her that I needed to go home but was feeling sick.

What she did for me probably changed the way i saw nutrition. Instead of the usual tylenol to suppress my pain, she gave me 6 Garlic Tablets and 5 Vitamin C tablets. I decided to take them and continue with the meeting, despite the pain.

As the hour went on, I started to notice that the pain was slowly going away. My energy suddenly returned and weird enough, the flu was gone like magic. Considering that these were not drugs (but food supplements), I became a believer and decided to devote my life to learning more about the wonders of good nutrition, health and wellness. It is a huge field.

For this article, I will be focusing on Garlic, the herb that we all love to have in our foods. Garlic is a wonderful herb and makes a great food. But Garlic is only as good as how it is handled and used.

The powerful nutrient in garlic is called Ancillin. When you break open a clove and cut the garlic fruit, the ancillin is activated. This very nutrient helps in the bloodstream and does wonders for the heart. But its real claim to fame is how it is able to fight off viruses and disease in the body.

Garlic's nutritional powers work when it is in raw form. If it is fried, it most likely won't be as effective, even though it always tastes better friend.

One of my very best friends is Lebanese (middle eastern). He mentioned to me that in the middle east where he grew up (Lebanon), he didn't know what the flu was. But when he came to Canada and started eating the food here as a teenager, he later had his first flu ever. To most people, that is very strange, because everyone in North America has experienced the flu at younger ages.

It seems that the food in the middle east are herb-rich. From Falafels to Shawarmas, you name it. All nutrient-living foods. So I decided to give this a try and devoted my lunches strictly to falafel and Chicken Shawarma (my personal favorite) at Toronto's famous Naz's Falafel house. For almost two years during my lunch breaks, I would eat only Lebanese food. Not once did I experience the Flu, even though all my workmates were experiencing it. And I loved the food too!

Garlic supplements are also wonderful to have, if you're not into the sharp taste. In fact, the best supplements will have pure concentration, are living food supplements and are free of any pesticides or contamination.

I would recommend that if you have a meal, whether it is Chinese or a roast beef, try dicing garlic and sprinkling it on your food. Try a little bit of ketchup (not too much! There's sugar in ketchup) to balance the taste. Combine this with a vitamin, proteins and good carbohydrates. You'll find that it will keep you healthy.

One suggestion is to also avoid any Soda Pop or anything Carbonated, as this can rob your body of vitamins, especially the Garlic.

Give Garlic a try, make sure it is in raw form (you can dice it.) If you feel you must have a fried, crispy Garlic Chip, at least try to sprinkle raw dices of garlic on it too, or have it on a side salad.

It's good for your heart, your health, it fights disease and is definitely a much better alternative to the flu shots.

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