Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Natuaral Body Odor Is Healthy

The frequent users of hand soaps and detergents are not aware that cleanliness can be dangerous to their health. That obsessive attempt by many people to destroy germs and bacteria has only opened up paths for those germs and bacteria to enter their body. The super clean people who try to live in super clean clothes or a super clean home are asking for trouble, and possibly a long stay in the hospital. The body has an immune system that fights germs and bacteria best. That immune system has to be battle hardened and battle ready. This can only happen when the immune system is in a constant state of war. Removing Germs and bacteria from the battle field gives the immune system a vacation, a vacation which it may never return from.

Two of the most populated countries of the world use the least amounts of detergents and hand soaps per person. They are India and China, and yet those people are healthy and presentable. The main reason for them washing less is that their scarce water supply is used mainly for drinking and cooking. Only a wealthy person has an unlimited water supply. It is impossible for those people to have enough water to be able to wash their clothes and shower daily. Yet those billions live happily and survive without the constant use of soaps and detergents. That fact alone should prove that Americans are washing themselves obsessively and wasting their water and time.

Body odor has been advertised to stem from unhygienic practices. It telegraphs that the person is in need of a shower. Being told that you have body odor can upset you so much that you will drop everything and quickly jump into that shower. The natural smell of the body has recently become a foul odor, and the nose has now become nature's enemy. The nose is on guard and is always working full time sniffing for foul odors. Even the most attractive people who have some body odor are now avoided as if they had a terrible disease. The perfect world for the nose would be an odorless world. It would be a world where the nose could breathe odorless air.

The Anti-dirt industry makes billions of dollars each year creating a vision of dirt in each person's mind. The more dirt people see and want to eliminate the bigger their profits become. But they are going too far when they try to create the impression that the human body is naturally dirty. They even say that humans smell bad, and should be deodorized. This is not a fair way to make a profit.

Human beings don't naturally smell bad nor are they naturally dirty. The dirt lies with the people that are pushing their cleansing products on us. Let's accept the way we smell and the homes we live in. A messy house and a strong body odor is a healthy sign.Lets learns to live with it and love it.

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