Sunday, March 11, 2007

Best Way to Lose Stomach Fat: 3 Exercise Tips to Obtain a Sexy Waistline

The best way to lose stomach fat and obtain a sexy waistline can be achieve in the following ways:

Tip #1: Utilize the following exercises either at your gym or at home: The Ab Rocker: which relies on the abs to rock back and forth; The Bicycle Exercise: This exercise, which targets your abdomen and waist, is the best way to shape those abs; The Exercise Ball: A great exercise to strengthen abs; The Vertical Leg Crunch: is great for abs and the waist; The Full Vertical Crunch: this allows you to use your entire body to work the abs; The Long Arm Crunch: is designed solely for the upper abs; The Torso Track: is used in gyms; The Reverse Crunch: are tiny movements producing huge results; The Plank on Elbows and Toes: is meant to build strength to the abs and the back.

Tip #2: If you live in a neighborhood, all you need is twenty minutes and a clear day to begin your workout. Start out slow to warm-up and then kick it in gear. Walking works all the muscle groups of your body. Be careful to avoid rocky terrain or uneven pavement as they could cause injuries to the ankles and the knees.

Tip #3: Dancing works the entire body in general, and the abdominal region in particular. There are new dance steps every day, so you need a strong core just to perform them. Let's face it; who doesn't love to dance? It's fun and the beat of the music keeps the body energized and motivated. Why not create a CD of your favorite fast-paced tunes; in this way, you can play and exercise whenever you have twenty free minutes. Move to the beat and burn some calories in the bargain!

Just think how much you can benefit from just 20 minutes of exercise a day. This is the best way to lose stomach fat and to increase your overall health and well being. Whether you choose all of the aforementioned tips, or all – know that you will be helping to get rid of the stomach fat and showing off your sexy waistline. In addition, maintaining good exercise routines and proper diet regimen will assure success in keeping the weight off.
As a reward, you can even purchase a brand new sexy outfit to boot!

One more thing, do not equate sexy with thin! You are who you are, and the purpose of losing weight is to become healthier not skinnier. Plus size women are just as sexy as women who wear size 12 clothing. You may not be able to lose all of the stomach fat; but you will be healthier as a result.


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