Monday, April 09, 2007

Common IBS Trigger Foods

If you have found yourself dealing with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), no doubt you are trying to figure out what you can do to help yourself feel better. Often, people find that there are a variety of trigger foods that can cause part of their problem, and often limiting or eliminating them from your diet can make a big difference. While you do not need to immediately eliminate all the trigger foods from your diet, you can find out which ones cause you problems and then start eating less of those particular foods. The following are some of the foods that are often triggers for IBS.

Dairy Products

One of the most common types of trigger foods for IBS are actually dairy products. The lactose and the high fat in dairy products can trigger problems in your body. Whey and Casein are both proteins that are in dairy products and these both tend to cause digestive problems. Some of the diary foods that you may need to cut back on or even eliminate from your diet include, yogurt, milk, cheeses, butter, ice cream, and sour cream.

Red Meats

Red meats are also very common trigger foods, and the reason that they are often triggers is because they are hard to digest and also can contain a great deal of fat. If you are going to eat red meat, try to get as little fat as possible. Some of the red meats that you should be limiting or avoiding include hamburgers, roast beef, hot dogs, bacon, pork chops, sausage, steaks, ham, and pepperoni.

Egg Yolks

Believe it or not, egg yolks are also a very common trigger food for IBS as well. Egg yolks contain a great deal of fat and this causes the problem for those who have IBS. While it is okay to eat the egg whites, you may want to consider avoiding the yokes if you want to feel better.

Some Poultry Products

While some poultry can be okay, like skinless white meat, any dark meat or poultry skin may cause you some problems. These, like the other common trigger foods, have a high fat content, which can cause you more problems with your IBS. If you want to eat chicken, make sure to get rid of the skin and eat the white meat only.

There are also a variety of other common trigger foods, and you will notice that almost all of them are high fat foods. Some of these other trigger foods include onion rings, pie crust, French fries, salad dressings, potato chips, olives, coconut, biscuits, and doughnuts. If you do your best to try to limit the foods that are high in fat, then you will have less problems with your IBS flaring up. This may sound difficult, but there are many healthier food choices that will be great to eat and will also help you to prevent triggering off your IBS problem.

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