Monday, April 30, 2007

Having Good Breakfast Food Will Fuel The Brain To Get You On The Up And Go In The Mornings

We all have to eat breakfast food regardless of who we are, our brain needs it the most, especially the nervous system which runs on glucose that fuels the thinking, walking, talking and your activities.

Let me give you an example - when was the last time you ate something, was it, like eight, ten, twelve hours ago, or after you got up this morning, your body's going to work extremely hard to recover just to keep you going till you eat.

Don't get me wrong, your body's needs to break down any stored carbohydrates that it has, but if it can't find any it will start the hunt to any fat or protein that you have stored and turn this into a very useful tool.

Basically it will give you want you need in order to function properly from what you eat. Fuelling the brain with good breakfast food in order to get you on the up and go is going to take you less time then you think.

Nutritionists recommend that breakfast should provide twenty five percent of your daily nutrients. If you don't eat breakfast your energy levels are low, your concentration is sluggish. But, if you eat breakfast it will start your metabolism up to burn the fat more effectively.

Improves psychosocial behaviours, it will give you the needed energy for the day ahead, you'll also concentrate better, be less bored and your anxiety will be less. Saying that, Good brain food and a healthy breakfast would consist of fresh fruit, whole grain bread, cereals that have fibre, eggs, fresh juice that has been blended up, fresh fruit smoothies or vegetable smoothies.

It's has been realized that the good stuff that we have for breakfast contains significant amounts of vitamin C, D, calcium, iron, and especially fibre. It all begins at the start of the day to achieve this.

I think that most people look for this when they are making breakfast at home, choosing better breakfast food is changing the way you eat breakfast, "It's all in your hands".

Being aware of why you choose certain breakfast food is a start to a more bouncing day. A whole grain breakfast means - foods that are made of whole grains using all the three parts of the grain kernel, this includes the bran, germ, and the endosperm.

These are essential cause the whole grains and the whole grain flours, retain more vitamins and fibre than refined grains. The most common of the whole grains in a good breakfast cereal is wheat, rice, oats.

So your still skipping your morning breakfast, this will lead to overeating throughout the day and will tend to eat sugary foods that will lead to putting the weight on, rather then taking it off, and yes we do need to have our sugar as well, but, we can get natural sugars that are in a fresh juice, or smoothie for instance.

These natural sugars are fare better for you then the processed sugar that we buy at the supermarket. The natural sweetness that are in fresh fruit will be more affective especially the vitamins, calcium, iron, and the fibre that your going to get from drinking juice or a smoothie.

What ever your choice - you need to eat to stay alive and good breakfast food would be a start, if you think that your fine by not having breakfast, it's in your hands. But try to have a small amount first for a week or two, see how you go, you might even see a change in your habits, and you'll notice the difference.

With the good stuff that we have for breakfast in your tummy you'll be happier throughout the morning, you can become a breakfast eater and experience-a-recipe-for-breakfast.

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