Monday, June 04, 2007

Lowering Cholesterol - Our Guide For Lowering Cholesterol

Lowering cholesterol is easier for some people than others. There are a few known factors to this problem. Many experts deduce that genetics is one of the major causes to it being harder for some people to lower their cholesterol on their own without prescription drugs. Another factor may be simply lack of whole hearted effort and/or willingness in following the suggested diet and exercise routine to lower cholesterol naturally. Another reason is lack of knowledge. Many times research is not done thoroughly before starting a regimen worthy of lowering cholesterol. One of the main misconceptions when trying to lower cholesterol levels is that simply avoiding fatty foods that have cholesterol listed on their labels is enough to do the trick.


While it is not possible to change the genetics that may make it harder to lower cholesterol, it is possible to be thorough in the effort to reduce LDL cholesterol, "bad" cholesterol, levels. Lowering cholesterol requires the knowledge of what foods need to be avoided and what foods need to be added to the diet. Lowering cholesterol in the diet takes more than just reading labels. Even if LDL cholesterol is avoided, tests may not come back with satisfactory results as it is equally important to raise HDL cholesterol, "good" cholesterol, and to have physical activity maintained or added to everyday life.
Addition to Cholesterol Lowering Diet

There are products that can help with lowering levels of LDL cholesterol when a cholesterol lowering diet does not work well enough. Physicians tend to lean toward prescription drug therapy when diet and exercise does not lower the levels significantly. The downfall of these drugs is, as with most prescriptions, that the side affects that can range from mere annoyance to serious health issues. Some of these side effects may include: diarrhea, constipation, severe muscle cramps with possible muscle and tissue damage that can lead to heart failure, and nausea. Another viable option may be one of the natural products that are on the market.

The natural products do not have the side effects of drug therapy. Many of those products may even have benefits for other health issues as well. As with any other health related issue it is always best to discuss the treatment plan with a physician as there could be many different factors involved in high cholesterol treatment.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

No matter which method of lowering cholesterol is chosen, experts agree that results are more impressive when regular exercise is added to the equation. Regular exercise helps keep the blood flowing well, which in turn helps the body move cholesterol to the liver for excretion once the cholesterol has served its purpose helping to build cell walls and produce hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.



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