Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Using A Concentrator Effectively

A concentrator is an electric compact unit that can produce oxygen by itself. It is the size of a large suitcase and extracts air from the room and separates the oxygen from other gases present. The unit is plugged into the wall for charging and can be run on batteries and produces from 1 liter to 5 liters of oxygen in one minute. Oxygen is delivered through nasal cannula.

Using a concentrator is an economical way of producing oxygen and as it is portable, can be used on aircrafts, cruise ship and at home .They can be rented or bought according to the need. The main advantages of using a concentrator over other oxygen devises are that it requires minimum maintenance and does not need refilling. It can provide unlimited oxygen when it's plugged in and turned on in the room. It is very light and portable which makes it ideal for traveling and moving.

One of the good companies that are manufacturing these oxygen producing units or concentrators are Inogen one, CHAD, Aerox and many others. The need for using these artificially filtered oxygen supply is specifically for people suffering from COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. These diseases encompass chronic bronchitis and emphysema. The main feature of these respiratory diseases is narrowing of the airways due to inflammation of the walls of the air sacs in the lungs.

The best new feature of concentrator Inogen One is that it allows for mobility with the Inogen One Satellite Conserver. The satellite conserver allows the patient to move around about 100 feet from the main unit. This technological advancement has become possible due to the converter taking control of conserving function and functions like a remote control for the main Inogen One unit. The remote control can be worn like a necklace, attached to the belt and can also be placed in the pocket.

Although the advantages heavily outweigh the disadvantages but they are still worth mentioning. The main disadvantage is that as it runs on electricity, there is a marked increase in the bill .Its run on electricity, due to power cuts and outrages, aback up oxygen system might be needed. Its maximum capacity is 5 liters of oxygen per minute and cannot deliver oxygen at higher flow levels. When its run a lot of heat is produced and noise is also there.

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