Monday, July 09, 2007

Cure Lies in Our Veggies

Veggies … comprise our day-to-day diet. We devour a assortment of it everyday. But how many of us are aware of its medicinal properties? "Love apple", the male monarch of the kitchen …. Umm … yummy … juicy, greenish when born and reddish and yellowish once it goes ripe. Yeah! It remedies …. It is the solution for so many of our ailments.

"Love apple", so is it popularly nicknamed, is the very ordinary tomato, is an yearly herbaceous plant bearing longish and unit of ammunition fruits. Its botanical name is Lycopersicum. With its attractive coloring material it adorns most of our salads and soups. This veggie with rancid taste sensation is rich in vitamin C, and assists curing many of our diseases, such as as dysentery, dyspepsia, chronic dyspepsia and many more than tummy ailments. It purifies blood and is a blessing for the anemic.

It assists to quench your thirst. Rich Person a bite in a hot summertime day, when the Sun is overhead shining brightly. It would surely make … if not miracle. Try with some when your thorax Burns and tummy is heavy. Definitely it won't deprive.

Are you worried of dry cough? Moreover, after a long twenty-four hours feverish work organic structure aching creeps silently and do you sick. Here lies your blink of an eye solution. No more than analgesics and state pass to your doctor. A cup of tomato juice with Curcuma longa and a spoon of refined sugar can assist you out.

Obesity … Yeah a plump organic structure with an exaggerated pot … no way. It spoils your look. You are no more than a banquet of the eyes. And you go through your clip with tough computations … of fixing agendas for the gym, stealing clip from your sweet morning time sleep. No more than worries. Rich Person small if not more than than 200 gramme mature tomato every morning time and your fats will vanish.

Itching … Oh! It's unbearable. Are you having scabies? Irritating, isn't it? You can state adieu to your antiseptics and ointments. Just a driblet of tomato juice with coconut meat oil will do. Thus heal prevarications in your vegetables. Moreover, you can also struggle dyspepsia with the aid of tomato.

But "Love apple" is not always lovely. When you boil tomato with white potato it may adversely impact your digestive system. Same manner it isn't good when you endure from high blood pressure. No more than tomatoes when you endure from gastritis. So is the lawsuit when blood come ups out with phlegm as you cough. Remember virtues and demerits are the two sides of the same coin. So are the feeding of veggies … and your feeding of "Love apple".

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