Thursday, May 03, 2007

Our Nose inhales Tablespoon of Indoor and Outdoor Pollutants Daily

No one sees the inside of your nose, so why should you care about your nasal passage? According to Ayurveda, clean, lubricated, nasal passages are one key to health and beauty. Consider this: Modern allergists tell us we inhale two and half tablespoons of solid particles every day! Think about it--each life-giving breath of air may also contain car exhaust, smog, formaldehyde fumes, pollens, and more. These unappetizing pollutants enter your nose, irritating the delicate nerve endings of your nasal passages; some of them even end up in your lungs.

Ayurveda offers nasaya (nah-SAH-yah-nah), a very simple technique that will lubricate and strengthen your cilia (the tiny hairs that line your respiratory tract and sweep away harmful particles), clean your sinuses, lubricate and protect the tender tissues responsible for your sense of smell, and improve your voice.

To practice Nasaya, insert one or two drops of sesame oil into your nose, using either an eye dropper or the tip of your little finger, inhale strongly, so that the oil is carried into your nasal passages. I recommend that you do this once or twice a day; once you get in the habit, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

No matter what the style, length, or amount of hair, Ayurveda can help you have hair that is soft, lustrous, and as attractive as your prakruit allows. Like skin and fingernails, your hair is an outward reflection of the state of your inner health. Be aware that many factors affect your hair and scalp: bad hair days, weeks and months can be due to age, general diet and health, season, climate, stress, anxiety. So eat a balanced diet appropriate to your dosha.

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