Thursday, June 21, 2007

Green Tea And Colon Detox

With a tradition of almost five millennia of continuous use, green tea is the most popular beverage in China, Japan, India or Thailand, highly appreciated for both the delicate flavor and the great therapeutic properties. Said to accelerate metabolism and reduce the level of toxins in the blood, green tea also makes an excellent remedy when it comes to regulating blood sugar and increasing the quality of digestion. The Book of Tea written as early as the 12th century by a Zen priest became a real treatise for the medical world.

There are many varieties of green tea available on the market, and its usage has long left the Asian borders to spread all over the world. As a cure for a toxin-infected system, green tea is one of the most advertised and successfully used plants in weight loss and detox diets. However, the refinery of the taste and the tonic properties of the green tea leaves are not to be overlooked either. Served warm or hot, green tea was made popular to Europe under the British Empire when it was first introduced on the market, and it has ruled our taste ever since.

The so-called "anti-adipose" green tea variant acts as a very powerful laxative on the system, purging all the toxins and accelerating the elimination of heavy metals accumulated in the organs. However, it is highly important that you respect the recommendations for the administration of the supplement, particularly if you haven't used anything similar before. The active principles in the green tea no longer allow the absorption of toxins in the blood stream at the colon level, thus improving your general health condition.

Together with ginseng root, green tea is considered a longevity stimulator, fighting the effects of old age by a direct influence on the free radicals at the cell level. A cup of green tea may help you lose some weight, improve digestion or simply get a general sense of well-being by a boost of energy. For further information on natural healing and homeopathic health solutions, please subscribe to the silver bulletin e-news magazine HERE.

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