Friday, July 13, 2007

Milk: The Big, White Lie!

Please cognize that I am just like you and I am not trying to talk down from a
brow or condescend. I would make that if I thought it would work but wit is
usually more than effective. I too once believed that milk was healthy, good and
should be guzzled down like suds through a funnel.

Milk is touted by the "experts" as the "Perfect Health Food" and best pick
for dieting and weight loss. The antonym is actually true. The growing hormones,
chemicals and bacterium in milk will do you addition weight, reserve organic structure fat and
do you sick. Try this experiment. Cut out all dairy farm merchandises for one whole
calendar month (cheese, water ice cream, everything). Resume eating dairy farm merchandises again. I did
this and now I go very sick when I imbibe milk or eat cheese and water ice pick in
any quantity. I used to imbibe 2 gals of milk a week! Lactose intolerance is
another manner of saying that milk do people sick. 95% of African Americans are
milk sugar intolerant, 20-40% of Caucasians are milk sugar intolerant, and 50-70% of
Asians are milk sugar intolerant. I do not cognize of any other "Perfect Health Foods"
that make so many people sick.

MILLIONS AND millions of dollars have got been spent to set milk mustaches on
celebrities, jocks and models. Millions and billions of dollars are spent on
selling dairy farm farm merchandises to the American populace and reassuring us that dairy is
healthy and safe. "Got Milk" "Milk makes a organic structure good" and allows not bury the
great Ca hoax. Where will we acquire our Ca if we make not imbibe milk? Well,
cattle acquire it from grass but the best human beginning is greenish leafy vegetables. More
than 75% of the earth's populations make not devour regular dairy farm products. They
are not dropping dead from Ca deficiency. Most people defy strongly when
I propose that dairy farm farm merchandises are unhealthy because of the monolithic amount of
mass media and authorities brainwashing (marketing) that takes topographic point in this country.

The ingestion of cow's milk and dairy merchandises have been linked to many
diseases and complaints like: Breast cancer, other cancers, Heart Disease, Stroke,
MS, Diabetes, Obesity, Acne, Varicose Veins, Irritable Intestine Syndrome, Allergic
Reactions, Bloating, Gas, Cramps, and many more. You must check up on out Henry Martin Robert
Cohen's website to acquire the truth about milk. Read "The Famous
Milk Letter" or position the 1999 picture study and set up to be shocked.

After the age of 4 or 5 our organic structures lose the ability to effectively digest
milk. It is the same for other animals; they are weaned and taught to eat
regular food. World are the lone species that goes on to imbibe milk in
adulthood. What do it even worse is that it is the organic structure fluid from another
animal, which was intended for calves. The human organic structure have an astonishing tolerance
degree for toxins and for most people if they never halt imbibing extensive amounts
of milk their organic structures just take it and slowly construct up mucous secretion and disease over

Convincing Americans that milk is not healthy is a enormous challenge. Let
me apologise in progress to all the dairy farm farmers, lacto-ovo vegetarians and milk
chugging partisans who might be offended by my opinions. I have got discovered
that some people really cherish their dairy farm farm merchandises and go quite disquieted at
any suggestion that dairy merchandises are anything less than a healthy, wholesome
nutrient that volition foster them for a lifetime. I say if you got your ain cow,
milked it yourself, and consumed little measures of pure, fresh, natural milk and
dairy farm merchandises like our ascendants did than you might be OK. This is, of course,
if you're mostly Northern European ascendants drank milk and you endure it to
get with. This would be the lone manner to be certain you are not being

When I brought this article to my writer's group-a little kin of literary
giants I now highly respect- the response I got was "Wow, this cat really detests
milk." Actually, I detest the people and organisations behind the milk deception. I like milk. It's rich and delicious; it's just not a wellness food. Don't be
fooled by the dairy farm industry marketing. If you like milk then delight slop down
a tall glass right away and have got a nice life. Just cognize that it is not good for
you and believe of it as you would a dessert or a cigarette.

The milk industry grew out of demand to feed a hungry, growing nation. In many
lawsuits we have got taken the gifts of nature and altered and perverted them. Domestication of animals, and progresses in scientific discipline and chemical science allowed for the
"great" modern accomplishments of nutrient processing, canning, Pasteurization,
Homogenization, preservatives, nutrient chemicals, hydrogenated oils and high
fruit sugar maize syrup. All these things have got made nutrient unhealthy, easy and very,
very inexpensive and profitable. There was a clip when most nutrient was fresh, healthy
and chemical free. There was a clip when milk was pure in this country, when
cattle roamed free and ate grass free from antibiotic drugs and pollutants. Maybe 50 or
100 old age ago it was good and safe to imbibe little amounts of milk from a moo-cow
before it became the milk of today. I make not fault corps for wanting to
be profitable, or authorities for obscuring the truth. It is our ain
duty to detect the truth and alteration our lives.

"Most people prefer a simple prevarication over a
complicated truth!"

The milk industry and authorities cognize that MANY, many more than people might
recognize that milk makes not hold with them if they stopped imbibing it for a
small while. This is why it is so heavily marketed and subsidised by the
government. Please understand, I am not a fanatical .I volition still have got a little
milk foam on top of my dual macchiato, or a small amount of cheese here and
there. I believe of dairy farm the same manner that most people position processed sugar. Sugar and dairy farm are so pervading in our nutrient supply and such as a large portion of our
American civilization it is almost impossible to avoid them entirely but they
certainly should not be considered healthy or made a basic of your diet or
added as a healthy constituent to a recommended feeding usher or pyramid. Today's
milk is a processed nutrient and processed nutrients and chemicals are harmful, toxic or
at least unnatural to the human body.

So what about organic milk? Organic milk is great but it is still
homogenized, pasteurized and meant for calves. Americans everywhere are feeling
happy and safe by switching to organic milk. How fantastic it is that we now can
bask milk from happy, grass Federal cattle that have got been massaged and groomed
mundane and not fed any antibiotics, growing internal secretion or chemicals, right? Bad
folks, organic milk is just like visible light cigarettes, it is healthier but will
still kill you! Homogenization turns dairy farm merchandises into a deathly arteria
scarring poison. Homogenized dairy farm merchandises are one of the existent grounds behind
our epidemic of bosom disease.

Milk is mostly casein, which is a mucus-producing glue that accumulates in
the human organic structure causing long-term health jobs and disease. Milk from cattle was
intended for calves, even cattle make not go on imbibing their ain milk in
maturity they acquire their Ca and nutriment from grass.

Guess What. Yogurt is dirt too! Two different friends recently were asking me
about yogurt. "Yogurt is still healthy, right?" No. Yogurt makes incorporate healthy
bacteria, which helps in digestion but it also incorporates milk and often is loaded
with sugar, unreal sweetenings and other chemicals. A better strategy, if you
are looking to better your digestion, would be to take digestive enzymes,
probiotics or Acidophilus pills which are available at wellness nutrient supplies
everywhere and are much more than effective.

If you desire to lose organic structure fat, experience healthy and avoid chronic disease than cut
out or cut down all dairy farm merchandises from your diet. I achieved an unbelievable new
degree of wellness and thinness after I banished dairy farm merchandises from my life. Don't
take my word for it, make the research for yourself and you will happen out what the
dairy farm industry have been hiding. Run quickly to your icebox and dump your
milk down the sink today. I cognize you will bask better wellness tomorrow and

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