Friday, May 11, 2007

Do You Fear Cancer? Why?

Why is it that cancer is the most feared of all diseases? O.K. we know for a fact that there is a high incidence of cancer in North American society. We all know loved ones and acquaintances who have
battled the disease – with or without a victorious outcome.

The Reasons

One of the reasons cancer is so feared is because it is one of the least understood diseases. Medical research leads us to believe that cancer is hereditary. If your grandmother had it, then you become conditioned to believe that surely you will, too. The fact, however, is that only 20% of cancer is attributable to heredity. 80% is in your control.¹

Billions of dollars are spent to try and find a cure. But, instead of it being conquered, the incidences of breast and prostate cancer has increased considerably.

According to one medical expert, Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, who has treated hundreds of cancer patients with amazing success in her San Diego clinic: "We all have cancer in our bodies it's just that our immune system is keeping it in check. It's the breakdown of our immune system that allows cancer to grow. If you maintain a strong and healthy immune system, your chances of ever getting cancer are virtually nil."²

Dr. Patrick Quillin, another cancer expert, says in his book Beating Cancer with Nutrition: "Scientists agree that nearly all individuals develop undetectable cancer about 6 times in a 70-year life span. Yet only one of three people actually develops overgrown and detectable cancer. The body is equipped to deal with cancer.³

But, of course you already know the "statistics." You cannot miss them as they're all over the news media. So, there's no need to go on and on with the pros and cons of this feared disease. Instead, let's focus on:

The Answer

Proper nutrition could prevent from 50-90% of all cancer. There is hope! If you strengthen your immune system now, you can take back control over cancer!

Research done by Dr. Marcial-Vega, among others, has proven that cancer cannot live in an alkaline body. Easy to say, but how do you get it done?

In a nutshell, plant foods are in general alkaline. Animal products, coffee and sugar-laden products on the other hand are acidic. If your blood contains mostly animal protein, your overall body PH balance will be acidic. Trans-fats, like margarine, and hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils are immune suppressants, it's advisable to wean them off your diet.

All this may sound a little simplistic. Yet, even if you're hooked on a lifestyle that does not contain mostly veggies and fruit, it can be quite a feat to maintain a healthy Ph balance.

The Solution

O.K. now you know the answer, but how can you satisfy the taste buds who have for years been conditioned to love all the acid in your body?

Well, thanks to Dr. Mindell's discovery and extensive research and testimonials with the product, there now is at your disposal Himalayan Goji Juice. Call it incredible, impossible, or anything else you want – only don't say a thing until after you have first put it to the test! Believe me, you will soon have nothing but affirmative superlatives to share with everyone who will listen.

What will it do for you? As it eliminated all fear from my life, I am sure it will benefit you greatly as well!
You will find many wonderful benefits and all the reasons what Himalayan Goji Juice is all about at Youth Makeover dot com.

Put it to the test right away! Saliva PH testers are available at your local pharmacy (the ideal PH is between 7.0 and 7.4).It's exciting to see the results for yourself rather than "a-hoping-and-a-praying" that something good is happening in your body. Very soon you will notice good changes, and realize your fear has gone!

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